Top Tips for a Healthier Home

by Boise Cleaning Maid Easy - May 30, 2020

The concept of creating a healthier home involves utilizing safe, decent and healthy housing as the way to prevent illness and injury and has been a central focus during the past hundred years. There is scientific evidence linking health problems such as asthma, lead poisoning, and accidental injuries to dangerous living conditions.

Not only exclusively dangerous old houses. Even today’s new and expensive homes can have dangers lurking. Creating a healthy home environment promotes the healthy growth and development of children and has the potential to save millions on health expenses. Everyone needs a healthy home, and some of the most serious health problems for children start at home. There are special reasons to think of children like:

-The children’s body is still growing

-In relation to their size, children eat more food, drink more water and breathe more air than adults

-Children play and crawl on the floor and put their fingers to their mouths

-Children dependent on adults to make their home safe

Fortunately, there are many simple ways to help transform your home into a healthy home, much healthier for you and your family. By simply following these seven principles for maintaining a healthy home, you can achieve a healthier home to live.

There are 7 easy things you can do to create a healthier home:

1 Keep your home dry

Damp houses create the environment for mites, roaches, rodents, and mold; all of which are associated with asthma directly.

2 Keep your house clean

Clean houses help reduce infections and exposure to pollutants.

3 Keep your home pest free

Recent studies show a direct relationship between exposure to mice and cockroaches and asthma episodes in children. But, inappropriate treatment for pest infestations can exacerbate health problems; because of pesticide residues in homes pose risks of neurological damage and cancer.

4 Keep your home safe

Most injuries in children occur at home. Falls are the most common cause of injury in children, followed by object injury, burns, and poisoning.

5 Keep your home free of contaminants

Exposures to chemicals include lead, radon gas, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and tobacco smoke in the environment. Exposure to particles of asbestos, radon gas, carbon monoxide, and secondhand tobacco is much higher indoors than outdoors.

6 Keep your home ventilated at all times

Several studies have shown that increasing the amount of fresh air in a home improves respiratory health.

7 Keep your home in good repair

Homes with maintenance issues are at risk for moisture and pest problems. Deteriorated lead-based paint found in older homes is one of the leading causes of lead poisoning, affecting approximately 240,000 children annually in the United States.

Maintaining a healthy environment at home is essential to achieve good comfort and protect the health of our family. From tobacco, clothes hanging inside and street pollution to bad cleaning habits. There are many factors that can negatively alter the healthiness of the air we breathe indoors. Some are more obvious and controlling. But others require a little more attention.

Avoiding smoking inside the house, closing the windows in the busiest time on the street, or using sprays, paints or insecticides in well ventilated places will prevent the home environment from becoming contaminated with harmful substances. But in addition to external agents, we also have to take care of certain daily habits that will affect air quality. Hanging indoors, showering with hot water, or cooking are routines that also make the air worse.

Ventilation is essential. It is very important to renew the air in the house, so that it is renewed and so that the humidity level is reduced. Excessive humidity at home causes condensation problems on windows and walls will lead to the appearance of mold and will favor the proliferation of mites, and these are the main causes of many allergies and can aggravate the situation of people with respiratory problems.

Cleaning services are essential if you think you cannot afford to fully perform this task. Aid to clean your home will help you focus on what’s important, and really do these essential grooming tasks in every home. Healthy housing is that physical space where human beings spend most of their lives. This space, for each of the characteristics and specifications, provides conditions for healthy practices of its inhabitants, preventing or reducing the risks that cause health problems.

As the home is the space where we spend most of our lives, keeping the home healthy will become an essential aspect to which we must give all our attention. For housing proportions security and health, it is important that the people, who live, feel that it belongs to them, and therefore, must take care of it, keep it clean and presentable, keeping order and cleanliness.

Having a healthy home depends on each member of that space, while the more sense of belonging one has over that place, the more it will be necessary to keep it clean and healthy so that whoever is there feels comfortable and in good health. A healthy home will always be a suitable place for the best moments with the family, health will be one of the protagonists and tranquility and peace will follow. Not only contribute to physical but also mental well-being, influencing each area of ​​life thanks to the calm that an orderly and clean place provides.

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