Organizing Hacks Your Home

by Boise Cleaning Maid Easy - April 3, 2019

Many times organizing the home can seem like a never-ending job. As much as you clean and collect, you surely feel that things are out of place again soon and your house is always messy. There really is no single strategy to organize your home; it all depends on the personality of each person. But, some tricks that are key for everyone and that you can apply to tidy your house and make it feel more comfortable and in harmony.

Before you start organizing your home, the first thing you need to do is identify the areas of your home that are most uncomfortable, or what else is messy. Analyze with maintenance and then think about what solution you can find. Don’t try to organize all the each at once. Set aside time for each setting, and tackle it one by one even if it takes several days.

It is also important that you and your family are faithful to the decisions, so that you do not fall into the same mistake again and have the house disorganized again. With these considerations in mind, you can use the following tactics to organize the home.

1 Don’t keep things you don’t use

The safest thing is that you have stored in a closet or boxes a number of things that you no longer use, but you hope to use them again or they will bring you good memories. Books, ornaments, documents, old not useful clothes and even a record that you no longer hear because now you only listen to music on your mobile phone.

Each of these things that you no longer use and that you keep somewhere, are occupying a space that you can use for something else or that you can simply free to give a little more air to your home.

If something is in a box or hidden in a closet for a long time, you will spend your entire life there making a space useless. You will only see every time you try to organize the home and you will keep it for months or years, which is better to discard.

2 Put things in the same place

Every day, a large number of objects that each member of the family brings with them enter your house from the keys, the purchase, the mail or the work bag. Find a correct and fixed place for each of these things, no matter if they will take it back when they go out.

If you have many things without a place to be, sooner or later they will pile up and it will be impossible to clean. Place a hook for your house keys by the door, or a bin for mail and a magazine rack, and don’t let it all pile up on a table or chair.

3 Store things according to how often they are used

A good alternative is to save all things, considering how often you use them. Organize your cabinets and drawers smartly. What you use daily has to be more at hand. What you rarely use can be on that closet shelf that you can only reach with a chair.

If you put the little-used things next to the most frequently used, you will most likely have to take them out several times to access the ones you do use.

4 Divide your drawers and shelves

Don’t pile all things together in drawers and on shelves. Use divisions to separate them. This will allow you to make better use of space and not accumulate some things on top of others.

5 Do not use tables as warehouses

One of the most frequent great temptations at home is to put everything on a table. Although the intention is to do it provisionally, in the end the table will always be occupied. Set as a rule that this cannot happen for a minute, and if it doesn’t work, block it in some way. It is recommended to place flowers, small decorations or even have the table always prepared with dishes and cutlery, if it is a dining room to provide the message that this table is not a warehouse.

6 Combat stress and improve your health

An orderly environment unconsciously conveys a sense of calm, and instead where there is disorder, chaos, restlessness, and restlessness reign.

Most commonly, those who have an orderly home also lead a more orderly lifestyle, which means having a more balanced diet, better sleeping habits, exercise, etc.

Science has not found any gene that determines our greater or lesser capacity to organize things. As with other behavioral traits, order is something to be learned from walking. What is true is that once the disorder has taken root in your day to day, it will be difficult to correct it, but it is not impossible. Getting rid of everything that we do not use or do not need is not always easy. These strategies can help you say goodbye definitely to what you have left over and tidy up your home.

The Bottom Line

Even if you apply the best strategies to organize your home, it is inevitable that certain things get out of place. It doesn’t matter that you feel that your house is finally as organized as you always dreamed of. Once a year take a day to check and make sure you didn’t accumulate unnecessary things that the shelves and drawers are still organized and that everything is in place.

The first thing to consider is that ordering is beneficial for your health and makes you happier, which science says in addition to many experts in the field. According to recent studies, having the house in order fights stress, helps to lead a more orderly life. The order goes beyond a simple aesthetic question, since it also influences the physical and emotional well-being determining the mood with which you face your daily chores. Tidying up the home can be the first step in bringing order to your life and being happy.

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