How to Establish a Long-Lasting Service Relationship with Your Cleaners

by Boise Cleaning Maid Easy - August 10, 2015

Surely you’ve said it a few times, out loud and with witnesses. But the moment never really arrives, or the desire does not appear, or the task is so great that you do not know where to start and while you explore how infinite can be the list of excuses for not bringing order to the house, the chaos rages at ease. Clothes accumulate in the bedroom, papers climb mountains on the desk and in the closet drawers it is impossible to find the essentials.

Cleaning is much more than just a matter of freeing up physical space. It is also about achieving a mental balance. The disorder causes stress, generates fatigue and takes up a lot of time. It also affects concentration. According to a study at Princeton University, disorder hinders us when concentrating on a single task because it affects our visual cut. People who live in messy houses are more likely to experience depression or fatigue.

Concern about keeping our houses in order has exploded. The reason for this great movement comes from Japan, by an expert named Marie Kondo. Kondo, who discovered her passion for organizing when she was just a child, has become a subject guru. She has spread her passion for order to millions of people thanks to her KonMari method, carrying her philosophy: get rid of everything that does not make you happy.

There are many formulas such as types of homes, although to get and keep a house tidy, experts recommend starting at the same point: becoming aware of the problem. From this point on, a long-term relationship with cleaning begins, later becoming a daily necessity and not a desperate act.

The cleaning service that we must implement must be related to how we are, so that the process is not tedious and it is pleasant to implement it. There are three professional organizers, a figure who has begun to charge outside almost recently, to unravel the secret of order. The five keys, according to experts, help organize your house once and for all.

Follow a process and find your order method

Ordering is not hitting yourself on a silly Sunday morning and getting frustrated because you never get to finish anything you start. Four years ago, the expert Adelaida Gómez founded Orden Studio, a company specialized in teaching people to be orderly and organized. The expert follows a strict process with her clients, where it is not only enough to become aware of the problem, but also to want to solve it and set a clear goal.

To order, chaos must first be sown

It is impossible to order without first knowing what we have at home. For this, it is essential to turn the house upside down and empty cabinets, drawers, boxes, shelves. Although that chaos can cause fear because it is a feeling of loss of control, it is the only place from which we can purge and make the decision that is really useful and what things should leave the house.

Elimination is an important part, many times the disorder comes because we have too many things, so elimination is always urged, not only for a matter of physical space but also for mental health. This does not cost much, it is recommended to start with things with which you have a lesser emotional bond, and after creating chaos, it is time to reorder everything.

Think about the accessories you will need

Ordering accessories are great allies to maximize every free inch. Hangers, shelves, hook and especially boxes, the main ordering tool used by professional organizers. At this point you also have to do a planning, since it is important to prepare all the materials that will be needed before starting the task so that you do not have to stop. You have to be careful about buying accessories in a compulsive way, since it is against prudent. The accessories are very useful, but you have to buy them only after having the content decided.

Beware of corners of chaos

In every house, there are corners that look like magnets capable of attracting all the disorder in the universe. To identify them, analyze what your weak point is, how to tend to accumulate papers, it will be the office, if you are born to buy a souvenir on every trip you make, you surely have the shelves crowded. The most dangerous areas are usually four, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom and the flat surfaces.

Order does not stand alone

Ordering will give you time, help you save money, and also give you peace of mind. You will feel that your house is a place to return and rest, and not that place where everything is pressing and where there is always a pile of pending tasks. The list of the benefits of living in an organized space should be a sufficient excuse to, after conquering order, strive to maintain it. But the most complicated thing often starts there: The order does not stand alone, you keep it.

To maintain such a discipline of order, once the challenge of achieving it is achieved, a wall coat rack, a magazine rack and an office tray are proposed. It has happened to all of us that when we leave work we meet friends to go to our house or unexpected visits arrive, so we have to collect all the mess in the living room and kitchen in minutes because we don’t really order it, but that we hide it in a place where it cannot be seen. We all have this behavior and it is mainly due to lack of time.

It is true that most lead a fairly busy lifestyle that does not give them a chance to do other things, but we mistakenly believe that this has no solution. By establishing plans, guidelines and mainly having the desire to undertake change to start order in the home, a completely new behavior can be achieved in us.

People, who are generally disorderly, prefer to spend time on other types of activities such as spending time with family and friends, studying, working or simply enjoying that free time that remains in the day. But, it can be chaotic and even stressful to get home and have everything messy even for people who are naturally messy. Establishing that lasting relationship with cleanliness involves making a decision and practicing it steadily until you create a daily habit of walking for order in the home.

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