Simple Tips for Cleaning When You Don’t Have Time

by boise_cleaning - December 30, 2017

Cleaning when you are almost never at home is possible; you just need to specifically implement keys. Since you get up you don’t stop for a moment, you have breakfast, you take care of the children, work, shopping, and although the day is 24 hours, they really can’t keep you up.

You can also be a foreign university student in an apartment or in your own home, who lives all day at the university, doing homework, playing a sport or cultural activity and who only comes to a house to bathe, dine and sleep. Another common profile is being a bachelor with more work and additional activities, where you get up at 6 am, sell to exercise or dedicate you to preparing your things to go to work. You take a bath, you go to work, finish the work day and then you go to the gym, some cultural activity or you have a second job to attend, which makes you get home at 11 or 12 at night to just give you a shower and sleep.

The truth is that it is normal that sometimes we notice that time passes very quickly, due to the activities we must carry out and cleaning at home gets out of hand. But it is with a few cleaning tips that you can take time to keep your home clean, and also a cleaning service will always be there to help you with this.

Any of the various profiles that exist have something in common, that is, they are looking after a house and try as much as possible to see it clean, but the day is very short and the physical energy is not enough to do it all. . But following some tips this can change:

-As soon as you get up in the morning fix your bed, it will not take any time from you and your home will look clean from the beginning of the day.

-Take time in the bathroom or kitchen to clean something small and fast. When you finish bathing, take advantage of the water that is leaving to clean with a squeegee and a rag, or with a damp rag, clean a wall every day so that the tartar does not remain. When you are cooking, take advantage of the cooking time to clean the doors of the drawers and cabinets of the place.

-Create a list of activities that you could do in two minutes or less and do them in free spaces you have. Little by little you will realize that you can do great things in several steps in a short time.

-Sweep and mop one day a week. It seems unhygienic but the time you can spend cleaning will be reduced. If you sweep daily, start doing it every 3 days, and mop once or twice weeks until you feel comfortable doing them fewer times.

-Create an orderly daily cleaning routine and stick to it. If you divide your house into sections or cleaning phases and indicate the days when you will clean, you will realize that it will not take you much time each day to clean and tidy your house.

The calm and focus that comes from having a tidy and clean house is important. It is essential that there is order in the home, so that the environment is fresh and calm. Regardless of whether you learn to do this task with the little time you can have, or hire a cleaning service to help you with this job, keeping the house in order has important advantages such as:

-There will be fewer distractions

-There will be less stress and more peace

-There will be more space for what is really important

-Less maintenance

It can be difficult to keep the house clean, due to the various daily activities that we must carry out, especially if you have small children or if there is a lot of occupation. Many people require a cleaning service at least once a week, to carry this situation as calmly as possible, since finally the benefit of maintaining a clean house transcends the level of tranquility that you can have every day of your life.

The problem of not knowing how to manage cleaning time despite the activities that we have to carry out on a daily basis is that dirt and clutter accumulate and there comes a point where there is no other choice but to give you a cleaning marathon, which nobody likes much. This does not help to reconcile with order and cleanliness, because if you spend five hours cleaning, not only will you end up exhausted but you will hardly want to repeat it, so the cleaning habit will not have been created.

For this reason, it is better that we stop being the victims with the mantra that cleaning is boring and tedious, and strive to find a method that makes it easier for us and that reconciles us with house cleaning. The solution is to establish a plan to keep clutter and dirt at bay and not let it accumulate, either by your own hands or looking for an additional cleaning service to help you with this task. In other words, plan those actions in the short term, small things that can be done every day and that will avoid the unwanted weekend marathons.

Cleaning when you don’t have time means making the most of those short moments when you don’t do anything, and doing small and quick cleaning tasks. As the days go by, you will notice that this small daily routine that will not tire you, nor exhaust you, will lead you to the goal of keeping your space much tidier and cleaner. It is about planning small tasks and doing them in order to be activists also in these necessary activities when you have a large home or small as the case may be.

The habit will be created only as you do your part each day, and you constantly remember that you are causing a major change within the home. When you least realize it, you will be amazed at the magnitude of the achievement that you will have obtained with small but firm steps. Keeping your house clean will fill you with many benefits that will touch the various areas of your life, such as work and study, since you will feel more peace and less stress.

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