9 Ways to Clean While Still Staying Green

by Boise Cleaning Maid Easy - May 22, 2016

In all of Earth’s ancient history, it has never been more apparent just how vital sustainable and green activities are. The only problem with this is finding ways to clean your home that are not damaging to the already fragile environment. Continue reading below, and you will learn ten tips and tricks so you can have that fresh, cozy, clean feeling without having to worry about the harmful effects of dangerous chemicals on the planet and your family.

1. Ditch the Paper Towels

In cleaning when it comes to being bad for the environment, harmful chemicals aren’t the only culprit. Using paper towels to clean with is a devastating blow to the environment. The production of paper towels uses hundreds of millions of trees every year and over a hundred billion gallons of water. Merely switching to old T-Shirts, or washable cloths can drastically help the ailing environment.

2. Use Green Laundry Detergents

Speaking of old t-shirts and rewash able rags, it is also important how you are washing them. Using a green laundry detergent with biodegradable ingredients does a whole lot more than just eliminate harmful chemicals. Typically using green detergents also allows you to wash your clothes with cold water. This means reducing the amount of energy used to create hot water. This reduction in power is not only good for the planet but is good for your wallet.

3. Skip the Clothes Dryer

Continuing right along with a green laundry routine, it is only natural to move on to a green way of getting those repurposed cleaning rags dry. Using the dryer to dry clothes involves enormous amounts of energy, so much so that most dryers have to run on a separate plug because they have to use a special high voltage power source. This doesn’t even account for the effects of fabric softeners and the dangerous chemicals they contain. The best way to dry your cleaning rags and stay green is to let them simply airdry. Especially during the summer, letting your clothes airdry outside is an excellent way to implement the perfect green cleaning laundry workflow into your daily routines.

4. Vinegar is your Friend

Now that you have the perfect renewable tool with your rags, you can start your lean, mean, and green cleaning spree. Another way to keep up the green streak is to eliminate those harmful cleaners. Using dangerous chemicals in your house can have many adverse effects on the environment and your beloved household members. Something as simple as switching to a vinegar and water mixture if the perfect way to achieve a sparkling and disinfecting clean in numerous areas of the house.

White vinegar is the perfect cleaner for cleaning windows, descaling your coffee pot, getting the funk off of your blinds, and even polishing the various metal types, you will find around your house. The cleaning power of vinegar was around long before these fancy chemicals manufactured by big companies. It has been a responsible and green way to clean for decades.

5. Crystal Clear Windows and Glass with Yesterday’s News

Your green rags are not the best option for cleaning everything in your home, however. If you really want to get a streak-free shine without leaving any lint behind, turn to old newspapers. It is an old, little known trick of house cleaning services that you can leverage in your everyday cleaning routine that is not only green but highly effective. Unique ingredients in newspaper material designed to help it repel water combines with the abrasive nature create the perfect tool to polish your glass better than almost any other option. The only option that may work better than newspaper, and is equally as green, is a trusty squeegee. If you don’t have a squeegee available, grab some old newspaper and use the white vinegar mixture to have glass so transparent you’ll become public enemy number one to every bird around.

6. The Power of Citrus

While vinegar is an excellent choice for cleaning almost anything in a green way, citrus is also an excellent green alternative to most cleaners. In fact, a great green way to remove cruddy old stains from the microwave is to use lemons. Fill a bowl with water, and then cut a lemon in half. Squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl of water and drop the two halves in. Microwave this bowl for a few minutes, and then let it sit for a few more, and you can easily wipe away the baked-on grime in your microwave, and you’ll be left with a pleasant scent to boot. You can do this without using any harmful chemicals and maintaining a healthy, green household.

7. Moving on to the Bathroom

The bathroom is notorious for being a spot in the house that is difficult to clean. Not to mention, the cleaning products commercially available to clean the bathroom rank among some of the most dangerous from a chemical perspective, as well as for the environment. When you move to the bathroom, you might think this is the hardest spot to stay green and also disinfect properly. Maybe you don’t trust citrus or vinegar to get the job done. Well, that is ok. If you prefer, a great green cleaning tool would be a product like Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. This all-natural cleaner has the power to tackle just about any job while still being safe and non-toxic. It is the perfect option for when you want something a little more potent than traditional green methods, that is just as gentle on the planet.

8. Taking Care of those Pesky Floors

Moving onto the floors, the one surface of your house that seems to be the catch basin for some of the worst imaginable substances. A great green way to have spotless floors is to use a map or, even better, a broom when you can. Both of these methods offer an excellent green alternative to a vacuum cleaner. Especially if you pair a mop with an all-natural cleaning solution, you get disinfecting and sanitizing abilities that arent available when just vacuuming alone.

9. If You Aren’t Doing the Green Cleaning, Find Someone Who Is

Last on this list is finding a helping hand that is as serious about green cleaning as you are. If you find cleaning your house overwhelming, then you are not alone. When you hire a professional cleaning service to take care of cleaning tasks in your home is a great option. The only caveat being, make sure you find a green cleaning service. When you hire a professional cleaner, which utilizes modern green cleaning tactics, you are going to get the cleanest resulting house possible.

There are few things as relaxing as coming home to a freshly cleaned house and having the comfort of knowing there are no harmful chemicals, and you did your part to help protect the planet we all share. 

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