What is Green Cleaning?

by Boise Cleaning Maid Easy - March 1, 2016

Green cleaning revolves around the concept of sustainable cleaning methods. As far as the traditional cleaning products are concerned, the harmful chemicals present in them disrupt the health of individuals. According to Environmental Working Group, these conventional cleaning methods are creating serious health issues like cancer, asthma and birth defects in individuals. Therefore, it becomes imperative that personal and public health is prioritized by adopting sustainable means of green cleaning. The process and substances involved in the manufacturing of green cleaning products is highly environment friendly. Essential oils like lemon, tea tree, lavender, peppermint and sweet orange are most commonly used for this process. Moreover, vinegar is also an effective substance for green cleaning. The process emits least or no amount of pollutants. The health of the environment and the planet overall is maintained to the highest quality.

With respect to the business domain, it bears fruit in terms of employee safety and production outcome as well. As a result, a healthier workforce works more efficiently towards a common goal. Consumer is also satisfied and carbon footprint of the industry is reduced to a considerable amount.    

Benefits of Green Cleaning:

The reason why the process of green cleaning is advancing rapidly is due to the numerous advantages it brings along with itself. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. A safer home

There exists an element of danger while dealing with the traditional cleaning products. They come with excessive chemical mixings that can be hazardous for the little children and pets playing around. The threat associated with their safety measures compels the users to divert towards the green cleaning procedures as it employs zero chemical techniques.

2. A healthier lifestyle

Use of natural, healthier products gives an automatic feeling of improved health and fitness. Often individuals get into sudden infectious diseases without knowing the real cause. However, once the person shifts towards green cleaning, the positive outcomes start appearing. Moreover, the possibility of harmful diseases like cancer or asthma can also be avoided.

3. Clean Air

It is crucial for a family to live in a clean and fresh air. It imparts good physical and mental effects. However, the conventional tools of cleaning can be harmful to such extent that toxic substances are continuously released from them. Such substances can settle on stuff for long and leave a long time effect. Hence, for avoiding cough, liver damage and deteriorated nervous system, green cleaning methods must be adopted.

4. Environmental Conservation

Environment is at a great risk of deterioration in the contemporary age due to employing substances and products having high carbon footprint. It is a vital responsibility of the individuals and companies to use products that do not harm the environment. Green cleaning proves to be handy in this respect as they are produced in conformity with environmental rules and regulations. The products are non-toxic and biodegradable.

5. Financial Savings

One of the most suitable advantages of green cleaning technique is that it serves to perform several functions at a time. The products multitask and this allows the user to stop wasting money for each separate task. Hence, in this age of economy, green cleaning puts a lock on the pocket.

6. Customized Products

The natural products are easily accessible and people can mix several products to create a novel product. This makes the users more confident about their products and encourages them to stick to the green cleaning methods. It acts as a chain reaction, motivating friends and family to try the cleaner and better products at home.

Product analysis:

Several natural products are used for green cleaning. The process is becoming more popular due to the easy and cost effective availability of products. Most commonly used products are vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil and Castile oil. A detailed analysis of vinegar and essential oils in this regard is as follows:


Vinegar is an important product to be used in green cleaning processes. It is made from fermenting alcohol deriving its acidic properties from it. Its composition of 5% acetic acid and 95% water enables it to act as an effective cleaning agent. Vinegar is available with both organic and non-organic properties. In this respect, the distilled green vinegar is most suitable for cleaning due to its high level of acidity.

pH level as low as 2.0 and high acidity makes it difficult for the microorganism to co-exist with it. Even studies prove experimentally that bacteria and viruses are effectively killed by vinegar. The usage of vinegar is not restraint to any specific areas; therefore it can be applied on all surfaces. Moreover, the acidity of vinegar is varied depending on the extent of cleaning required. Hence, it proves it effectiveness for bathroom and kitchen cleaning which demand the most cleaning.

All in all, vinegar is an excellent choice for green cleaning methods as it is cost effective and natural. Along with being environmentally friendly, its life cycle is also considerably long.     

Essential oils:

The essential oils derived from plants are very beneficial for safe cleaning methods. They have exceptional antibacterial qualities that make them a perfect choice for house cleaning. Some of the most useful oils in this regard are lemon, tea tree, peppermint and lavender. Lemon is a multi-purpose cleaning agent. It is very effective in removing greasy material and it freshens up the inside of refrigerator. Moreover, leather is also easily cleansed through it. Similarly, Tea Tree is important cleaning oil which is widely used all over the world due to its efficacy.       It is helpful in cleaning showers and taps along with giving a glowing effect to user’s hands. Along with these oils, lavender also fights against the bacteria and viruses successfully.

Concluding remarks:

The household sector has seen a rising trend of green cleaning practices. It is imperative for the environmental and individual health of the public and the planet. A wide variety of products are available in the market which can be selected and employed by the user. With a little effort and will, a healthier and safer environment can be developed for everyone.  

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